Dwight Allen Smith is a retired 21-year Army veteran.  He spent his first four years as a Small Arms Repairman in West Germany and Fort Irwin California.  Then served 11 years as an Infantryman in the Illinois Army National Guard.   After a 6-year break in the service, he returned to the Illinois National Guard in 2006.  He served his last 7 years as a Small Arms and Artillery Repairman Non- Commissioned Officer with the 3637th Support Maintenance Company in Springfield.  He completed a tour in Iraq from 2007-2008, where he was Sergeant of the Guard of a Control Entry Point, Convoy security missions and worked in the Small Arms Shop for several Company’s.  During his time with 3637th, he would perform annual inspections of Units weapons, gave primary instruction classes for several firearms and lead firearm range training.   Allen began his certification to become a Concealed Carry Instructor in 2013.  He has been an instructor for the last 5 years. He completed the NRA Range Safety Officer course in 2015 and is a United States Concealed Carry Association Affiliate Instructor.  He has been a Monmouth resident for 12 years with his wife and two daughters.